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About Us

EARLYON is a Premium Preschool and Day Care run and managed by IIT, IIM and I AM A TEACHER alumni.

We offer a nurturing and safe space full of exploration, discovery and learning, making the most of Early Years and helping our learners grow

Our programs are systematically designed to bring “School Readiness” in children. We nurture children at a gentle pace and help them “gain skills, competencies, independence, confidence and knowledge” which enables their “smooth transition” to formal structure.

Our Mission

  • Nurturing the child is the core of all that we do.
  • Our mission is to educate, enrich and inspire children to reach their full potential. So that they grow into kind, independent, curious and happy individuals.
  • We adhere to the best International standards and framework for child development. However, at the same time we want the children to be in touch with their roots. We also emphasis diverse Indian culture and values.
  • We make the most of the critical early learning years by inspiring a lifelong love of learning in a safe and caring environment.
  • We do this by fostering parent partnerships so that the educator and parents work together to nurture the child through the crucial early years.
  • We also facilitate ongoing professional development for our staff so that they constantly upgrade themselves and give their best in their interactions with the children.
  • Our end goal is creating socially responsible global citizens and leaders and ensuring that children continue to thrive in the classroom and beyond.
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